Wordle says it all….


My mother-in-law has breast cancer.

The doctors don’t know if it has spread to other organs.

They will remove her left breast “urgently” (which apparently means some time in the next fortnight).

My husband is cranky.

I am angry … and sad.

I’m finding it hard to find the ‘hope’.


8 thoughts on “Wordle says it all….

  1. jeanie says:

    Good luck again on getting through. It is hard for sons to lose their mothers – my sister had to go through it with her hub when she was still the girlfriend – and the girlfriend he hadn’t introduced her to until almost too late.

  2. corymbia says:

    Thanks again Jeanie …
    Your sister must have had a hard time indeed.

  3. Hope. It is right there, just to the right of cancer.

    Sorry I am not being flippant. I lost my mother to breast cancer. And whilst everyone responds differently I can imagine some of what you are going through. Platitudes won’t help, but I’m hoping for you, your husband and your mother in law.

    Take care.

  4. corymbia says:

    WFI – Bwhahaha. I do like a black sense of humour – and I needed the laugh.
    Sorry to hear about your Mum though. very Tough.

    Greta – thanks. I do feel good knowing you are there.

    Leechbabe – thanks for the prayers.

  5. greta says:

    Sigh… you’ve got a tough road ahead, Amanda, no denying it.. ((((((((A))))))) – know that you are supported, and that you are not alone – sending my biggest, warmest well wishes –

  6. debby says:

    I am fighting breast cancer. It seems a lot bigger in the beginning. You find hope as the battles are fought. I have children. It is scary for them. Take a deep breath. It is what it is. Then your mom will begin doing what she needs to do to win, and her children will begin to rally round her. That is how monsters are whittled down to size. I’ll check back in. My prayers to you all.

  7. corymbia says:

    Thanks so much for you message Debby. I think you are right – we are still in shock. Also – I’m only getting 2nd (3rd?) hand info which I hate …
    Currently I’m sticking with the theory that they wouldn’t be doing the mastectomy if they didn’t think she had half a chance.
    Having said that, she’s in hospy today with pneumonia. I suspect its as a result of her last op to clear up the abscess on her breast.
    I wish you all the best.

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