You can help…

Register to doorknock in your area:

I do this every year and I’ve got some collecting tips to stop those doors from being slammed in your face …..
Firstly tell them that you are their *neighbour* if they don’t know you already …seems to make the more tightfisted buggers more generous.
Also reminding them that you have kids who don’t know how to play the recorder … and that you have lots of recorders from the $2 shop at the ready and are willing to host free daily lessons for them and their classmates.
(OK just kidding – the RC are pretty clear on not making threats).

…..and while you are at the Red Cross web page, take the quiz to see if you are a winner:

Woohoo I’m a winner!
Off to bombard my bladder with more water than it can handle in a week because giving blood always gives me the faints if I don’t drink enough.


5 thoughts on “You can help…

  1. leechbabe says:

    UK Red Cross has set up its own relief page for UK residents to donate money without having to work out exchange rates and get hit with overseas transaction fees-

  2. corymbia says:

    The Red Cross are awesome because they work in so many different countries.
    …and the people on the ground who do the work are just amazing.

  3. greta says:

    Heh, I just put my name on the register to donate – apparently there’s a huge demand (for obvious reasons) but also a huge supply of donors, so I’ll probably be called in in about a month – which is very heartening…

    I’m terrified of needles, I have a phobia, so this is going to be an interesting way to conquer my fears… have you donated before? I’ve been meaning to call for years. My teeth are chattering just thinking about it…. LOL

    Good on you for doing the door knock.. there’s a whole heap of fundraisers happening here (barbies etc) and I plan to attend all of them… for all the harrowing tragedy, it is heartening to see the wonderful side of people which comes out at times like these…

  4. greta says:

    I meant I had been meaning to donate blood for years, but finally made the call yesterday – mummy’s tired today..

  5. corymbia says:

    I’m not scared of needles but I’m not the right person to talk to about donating blood. I’ll just say drink *lots* of water and eat a good meal before you go and leave yourself plenty of time. I never take my kids with me either.
    I’ve also been told to drink plenty of milk before coming , but am not sure why.

    The doorknock usually feels like an exercise in futility and I do it because nobody else around here will. But then some of my neighbours are unbelievably rude…. but others are unbelievably nice. People are strange.
    This year may prove different (I remember collecting in the March after the Tsunami and everyone was much nicer than in previous years).

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