The big ‘C’

Just when life is looking up, along comes some bastard to punch you in the pancreas.

Or left breast.

My mother-in-law has just been diagnosed with breast cancer.  and since she has not had regular check-ups in the past 30 years or any regular cancer screening offered to Australian women, it seems that she probably has end-stage breast cancer.

The type that sends hospital doctors running to find colleagues to come look at the scary old boob that has pus and gangrene and weeping abscesses and smells.

The type that most doctors have only seen in medical text books.

The type with minimal life expectancy and no cure.


We are in shock here.

My husband is …bewildered.  I know I’ve got a job ahead of me to make him talk about his feelings in  a real way so that he deals with this.

I feel sad, sick … and angry.
I’m  furious with my mother-in-law at the moment.  I know this isn’t particularly fair but I can’t help thinking that she’s been so blinded by her hatred of the medical establishment to even consider that they just may know more about health than her beloved naturopath.  The fact that the naturopath has always said that he works in conjunction with medical science has fallen on deaf ears.
Instead she’s spent her life reading up on quack cures like  “How to Cure Cancer with Castor Oil” … or that pathetic @mway ‘glyconutirent’ product that can cure all ills (including Cancer … and Down’s Syndrome if the non-official advertorials are to be believed).


Cancer has become part of our family life for the past few years:
We lost my father-in-law to colon cancer in 2007.
I also had a cancer scare in 2007 which is now resolved, but which caused me enormous amounts of stress while “waiting” for various test results over the course of 18 months.
My Dad has had 3 surgeries for colon cancer last year.
And now 2009 looks to be yet another year of watching another family member fight that ratfucksonofabitch.


I’m writing this while my feelings are pretty raw, so I hope you’ll forgive my rant.  Based on the fallout after my father-in-law died, I know the next 12 months at least are going to be bloody awful ….


11 thoughts on “The big ‘C’

  1. Oh God.

    That naturopath needs to be strung up by his/her balls.

    I have no words of comfort, just I am so sorry.

  2. corymbia says:

    Thanks for the kind thoughts Kelley and Greta.

    We are still in an information vacuum which I hate. (We didn’t even know it was on her breast at first because my sister-in-law said “left side” when she told us).
    I hate not having all the information, but the inlaws aren’t the information sharing kind of people…. in fact the only way my SIL knew about the problem was that she smelt it and happened to open the bedroom door when MIL was getting changed and saw the weeping lesion.
    … totally different to my family where we share every bit of info.

  3. greta says:


    I am so, so, so sorry. I also wish there was a pill you could pop to cure cancer. Keep us posted. All the best, (((((((((((((((((((AMANDA))))))))))))))))))))))…

  4. leechbabe says:

    I’m so very very sorry. Cancer took my father in law last year and mother in law back in 2004. I hate Cancer.

    Praying for your hubby and family and yourself.

  5. corymbia says:

    ((leechbabe)) Cancer sucks.
    …..and thanks for the prayers.

  6. mel says:

    sorry to hear. my bro-in laws father is ill and I feel so bad for him.
    hope everyone takes it a day at a time and love to all

  7. corymbia says:

    Thanks Mel.

  8. jeanie says:

    I just came your way via another blog.

    A good friend of my brother lost his mother the same way a few years ago – naturopathic treatment is all very well, but for cancer treatment you gotta go to the medicine man.

    Good luck on getting your family through this.

  9. corymbia says:

    Thanks Jeanie,
    Cancer affects so many people.
    I’m all for trying naturopathic treatment so long as it with the knowledge of the doctor.
    Poor old dear has to have her boob off sometime this week. I’m not sure if its a “cure” or a chance to also get the lymph nodes and check them for cancer.

  10. greta says:

    Thinking of you… hope she gets in soon, and gets some competent care.

  11. corymbia says:

    Thanks G…

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