First Day #2

Hey my little man, it’s your first day at preschool today. The fantastic, loving learning place that your big sis went to.

You seem far more laid back about starting preschool than your sister …. but I wonder how you will feel when you wave us goodbye this morning and Mrs D and the lovely Ms C take care of you.

I know you’ve been desperate to go to this preschool since your sister went there.  The teachers have known you since you were very small.  I hear you talk excitedly about C&K.  You even excitedly told the people at your old kindy  that you were going to a “better” kindy this year.  I’m not sure what they made of that.


After we dropped your sister at school, we drove to preschool and Mrs D cuddled you as you walked in the door.  Ms C couldn’t believe how much you’ve grown and she took you  to see the peacock that your sister made two years ago – he’s still proudly sitting in the garden even though some of his feathers have been ruffled.

You knew most of the girls in your class, but none of the boys.


When you came home, you showed as a painting you’d done in blue and red.  It was a monster with a long neck.  He had big red eyes and a blue mouth and had eaten something that we could see in his tummy.


Ms C wrote a poem for Mum and Dad.  It made me cry.

I’m sure she won’t mind if I reproduce it here:

My Precious One

Today I’ll walk my child to kindy for the first time,
Where he’ll make friends, sing, dance and play, maybe learn a little rhyme.

Part of me feels so happy to see him bravely walk away
The other feels so sad – almost as if her grew up in one day…

For all the years he’s been my companion, my joy and pride,
Not to mention the special nine months I carried him inside.

Day by day his life unfolds,he’s growing right before my eyes
In life it’s true that there are times we  must day our goodbyes.

Today is a big step, not just for my precious one
It’s also a big leap of  faith and trust for his Dad and Mum.



I love you my boy.  This is the start of a wonderful education.  Enjoy it.

9 thoughts on “First Day #2

  1. greta says:

    Oh, your big boy – very exciting! He looks so secure and in his element in the photos – not a hint of anxiety on his face… it’s probably harder on the parents sometimes! LOL… a big milestone…

  2. corymbia says:

    He breezed through the day.
    I was all “but I have no BABIES at home with MEEE!!!” and crying and stuff. But I can be a big sook about such things.

  3. What a beautiful poem your little boys carer wrote. No wonder you nearly cried! You are lucky to have such wonderful people caring for your children in their learning environment. I remember being so sad on my daughters first day of school…she is now in year 5! My little boy still has a couple of years before big school, it will be even harder I think when he goes.

  4. corymbia says:

    Thanks STS – this preschool (a C&K centre if you are familiar with Queensland kindergartens) is like a big family … with really good teachers.
    So its not big school for him yet though that will come next year when he starts Prep – which is essentially a primary-school based preschool year.
    This will be our last year at this preschool – my daughter went there for 2 years (she was lucky and got in on the cusp of the introduction of Prep into the State school system which means she essentially got *3* years of kindergarten). So I’m savouring every day he has there.

    Today he came home with a Qld govt funded pack – a library bag full of great stuff including these great parenting resource sheets:

  5. I remember one of my best mates writing a really beautiful speech for her daughter’s christening that basically said that each bit of independence was exciting to watch and made her so proud, but also heartbreaking.

    Didn’t his monster have a red neck?

  6. corymbia says:

    Your friend was right – it is so wonderful to watch them grow, but bitter-sweet when you miss the tiny baby they once were. Many’s the time I’ve wished to capture time in a bottle.
    …and yes … the monster’s neck was red … but his “hums” (stegosaurus-like spikes on his back) were blue.

  7. corymbia says:

    WFI – D’oh! Now I getz it… yeah it was a redneck monster … but definitely not a redneck spider.

  8. leechbabe says:

    Congratulations on the successful first day of PreSchool 🙂

    A beautiful poem, have tears in my eyes now.

  9. corymbia says:

    Thanks leechbabe. They grow up too fast (sniff!)

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