That bloke that does the silly dance on the tele

Have you seen the add where the bloke does a silly dance in about eleventy-seven different countries?

We love that bloke at our house. He makes me want to renew my passport and travel the world.

It turns out that his name is Matt he’s now done that silly dance (apparently the only dance he knows) in over 39 different countries.  According to his website, he left Brisbane Australia in 2003 (why I don’t know – its a wonderful place) and travelled through Asia with a mate who suggested that he pull some dance moves in front of the camera.  Those bad dance moves got him noticed and  he’s in hot demand in the advertising world. Click Here for more information on his idea and his travels.

Here’s a version I found on Youtube:

But even funnier are the out-takes.  From 1000 m drops to jiggling man-boobs and dance-hating officials, its the best laugh I’ve had in ages.

Where the hell is Matt Outtakes:

And I’ve learnt something new.  Elephants DO NOT LIKE bad dancing.


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