Another post where I complain about rude people

…and they all seem to frequent the local shopping centre.

Our local plaza provides free holiday entertainment for the kids.  Its a nice idea and the entertainers are sometimes really good.

So after our little visit to the fruit shop and butchers today, we sat for a few minutes to watch a show.  The kiddies were invited to come to an area in front of the stage where they could dance, and the parents were provided with plenty of chairs on which to rest their weary butts (or elbows for those too stupid to know the difference).

So my kids walk down to the front  and start shaking their groove thang.
I’m sitting about 5 m away down the aisle and can see them clearly.

Its all good.

Next thing a lady and her 2 year old wobble walk down the aisle and the Mum plonks herself on the floor next to my dancing kids, while her 2 year old plays the age old game of run-up-and-down-the-aisle-whilst-screaming-at-the-top-of-your-lungs.

Still all good.


My 4 year old son does a crazy dance move and accidentally hits the 2 year old*.  I start to get up to make sure the little kid is alright and the “sorry”s are said when:

The BitchMother Woman SMACKS My Son.

I’m suddenly in a dream where I’m running and running and not going anywhere.  Luckily my kids were not stuck in the same dream and managed to leap numerous shopping bags to get back to me.

But I’m gob smacked.

Did that fuckknuckle woman really just smack my boy on the bum????

Did I see that right?

Maybe I need my eyes tested but its just looked like that areshat woman slapped my boy on the bum.

So I lean down and look into my boys face – he’s gone white and is shaking and wanting to go home.  No crying though, ‘cuz he’s tough like that.  Or Just Completely Freaked Out.

So my girl starts filling me in on the finer detail (my boy was saying “sorry” even as the bitch was smacking him) and I’m thinking that  my boy does need to be more careful for sure, but in what universe is it alright to hit a kid for an accident ??#

So my inner Mummy-Bear starts looking around for the slap-happy bitch the woman so that I can express my displeasure at the fact that she Purposely Slapped A Four Year Old when I see…

… not a trace of her or her offspring.

She fled the scene.

Maybe it was the look on my face that scared her off,  maybe my boy hit the kid harder than I thought – I’m not sure.
It was probably a good thing that she left because I was Not Happy … and the time was better spent reassuring my boy.

Meanwhile, I’m now worried about her kid and wondering whether she gets slapped for spilling her milk or pooing her pants … or whether the smacking is reserved for the children of strangers.

Either way, the next time I get groceries I’ve got three nasty arsehats to watch out for.


*I feel I have to add that my kids are  pretty well behaved.  They don’t  go around hitting other children as a matter of course.   In fact their behaviour makes me proud to be their Mum.


#If by some chance you’ve googled “smacking” and stumbled upon this blog and want to tell me why you think its fine to beat children, be aware that I’ll just delete your comment .


12 thoughts on “Another post where I complain about rude people

  1. What?! Sounds like it is a good job she scarpered. I can’t believe she would do something like that, I was going to say, if it was obviously an accident. But actually smacking a strangers kid is way out of line.

  2. Greta says:

    What a nasty woman – you have bad luck at shopping centres! Your poor boy must have got such a shock – but at least he can go back to his loving home and probably recover from it quite quickly (I think he will be fine, although it would have been a horrible experience – for him and you).

    Your son is lucky to have a mum who can tell him that it is not okay for people to hurt him. I pity kids who have to live in these kinds of homes, where they are smacked for being human.

    Did anyone else react? If I had witnessed something like that, I would definitely come up to you both and offer my sympathy and support.

  3. Greta says:

    I guess one positive is that it is an opportunity for you, as a parent, to reinforce that nobody has the right to treat him like that. Obviously it would be better if it didn’t happen, but…

  4. corymbia says:

    Thanks WFI and Greta – I think it was more that I was all WTF???? and nobody else seemed to see what happened / react to what happened.
    But that’s half the reason I posted – I knew you guys would see why I was so upset. AND I THANK YOU FOR THAT.

    BUT I guess any onlookers might have thought she was hitting her own kid (still wrong) and not want to intervene.
    Mr H is fine though – luckily he gets over thing pretty quickly. Miss K is full of Righteous Indignation though. The way she looked after he little brother has been heart-warming.

  5. leechbabe says:

    OMG – I totally would have started screaming at her if she’d done that to my kids.

  6. corymbia says:

    I think I was dumb-struck at first. I couldn’t quite believe what I was seeing. …and she was gone pretty quickly, so maybe the look on my face said enough.
    I still can’t quite believe that she did that.

    On a side note – this morning we had a chap come and spend 3 hours sorting out some home improvements we are undertaking …. the kids amused themselves for the entire time with only a few interruptions. The bloke was so impressed he personally thanked the kids for being so patient.

  7. Holy shit!

    So she should have fled. That is UNBELIEVABLE!

    Hope your little guy is OK.

  8. corymbia says:

    Thanks Kelley – I’m still boggling over the fact that she Smacked Someone Else’s Kid.

  9. corymbia says:

    People are weird huh

  10. sm says:

    Wow. As I was reading that, the anger just built up inside me, and I’m sure if I’d been there I would have been tempted to smack that woman.

    The fact that I’ve just spent 2 days in Sydney travelling by public transport with 3 kids may or may not have anything to do with this.

  11. corymbia says:

    Thanks sm (and -waves – great to see you here AND leaving a comment).
    Yep – there are some nasty buggers in these parts. Haven’t seen her since though … but I can’t help looking every time I buy groceries.
    …and hope your trip to Sydney was good … public transport fiascos systems aside.

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