Family Photos

I’m a big fan of the family photo … particularly when it is of *my* family.  I have lots of framed pics of the kids on my bookshelf and walls.  There’s a couple of the whole family, our large wedding photo, one of my parents, one of hubby’s parents, two of me and my best friend  (one taken at her wedding, one at ours) and that’s about it.  Wait, I lie – there’s a group shot of the entire 24 members of hubby’s clan as well.

…and while I know that I can easily reference the real life versions of my family, their baby photos, whimsical poses, holiday snaps, and family shots  make me go all tingly  and gooey as I remember what we were doing when the photo was taken.

I especially like to gaze longingly at photos when the kids (and husband) have been driving me nuts – I can see their gorgeousness without it being blurred by the fact that they are hitting each other with large plastic dinosaurs:
“Wwaaaaah -Mummy he hit me with the Parasaurolophus”.
“Well dear, you are a 40 something year old man, surely you can fight off a 4 year old” .

Anyhoo …. back to the issue….

While I have lots of photos of my family, there are no pics of my brother’s family and none of any other outlaws aside from the group photo  as available space is at a premium and frankly, none of them are remotely as cute as *my* family…. well maybe *my* brother’s family is cute…

So what am supposed to say when my brother in law’s wife gives me a *large* framed picture of their family as my Christmas present?  Like I said, available space is at a premium and I’d have to remove a picture of us to make room for it.

Is it wrong to hope it falls to the floor and smashes. … well probably yes.    Maybe if it was a small photo in a small frame it wouldn’t irritate me that much…. but its BIG … and its of people who tend to get on my nerves a lot  (there’s a long story here but now is not the time to share it).

So for now I’ve shoved it on top of the piano.  At the back.  With photos of my kids sitting in front of it.

Hmmmm – its in a nice frame though – sliver and plain and not like the last one they gave me that was not dissimilar to this:


Cute for a little girls room perhaps, but like hell it was going in my lougeroom.  Maybe I should be happy that this time she noticed that I’m only fond of kitchy crap in its rightful place  –  stuck to the fridge.

So – how bad would I be to stick one conglomerate frame for dodgy photos of relatives in the hallway and pinch the nice silver frame for  a pit of my gorgeous kids?


11 thoughts on “Family Photos

  1. elizabeth emerald says:

    I think that’s pretty dodgy them giving you a present of THEM in a photo!

    Perhaps you can can leave in on a coffee table. With a little hammer or some other tool that just happens to be next to it. And hope that one of your kids just happen to be naughty and smash the cr*p out of it. It would work with my kids! LOL.

  2. corymbia says:

    What a good idea.

    (and its great to see you here ee)

  3. How often do they visit? Keep their photo in the frame but stick your photos in front and whip yours out when ever they come round (whip your photo out that is). That way you can display it somewhere really prominent and not worry that you’ll loose their photo.

  4. corymbia says:

    Now that might just work.
    I’m crafty enough to fashion up an insert for the frame that will look OK and be easy to remove. They don’t visit often (thank goodness they live 4 hours away) but when they do its usually with very little notice.

  5. Greta says:

    OMG, womb for improvement, that’s absolutely inspirational. I’ve got a similar issue, this would be the perfect solution – this is the most brilliant idea I’ve read in a long time..

  6. mel says:

    my in laws gave me a picture of themselves and my son ripped it out of the frame and wrinkled it. (he does that I have no idea why) im sure you are thinking…oh sure…. so i have to iron it now

  7. corymbia says:

    LOL Mel – Obviously he didn’t like the photo. … or maybe he was giving it some texture.
    When I was a kid, we got a tea towel that had a picture of some rellies printed onto it. It seemed that Mum would always place that towel on the top of the pile so it got used quite often. As it turned out, it wasn’t that she liked the towel at all, but admitted (much later) that the thought of wiping dishes with XXxs faces was very satisfying.

  8. leechbabe says:

    I’d probably hang it above the toilet. Then it is on a wall but as a female my back would always be to it so only time I’d actually have to look at the picture was while flushing the S**t away. 😀

  9. corymbia says:

    Bwahaha – I like your style 🙂

  10. Greta says:

    Tea towels with pics of the in laws on! Wow, there’s money to be made there… Gardening gloves, tissues, I’m not even going to mention what else…

  11. corymbia says:

    Ooo I will Greta: BOG ROLL

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