Happy 2009

They say to start as you mean to go on, so I thought I’d start 2009 with a post.

2008 was not the best year I’ve ever had, nor was it the worst.  So in the spirit of the three Rs (reflection, review and renew), I shall blog about the year that was and the year I hope to have.

2008, The good:

  • My family are healthy and happy.  That’s pretty good.
  • My kids are a constant source of joy.  They make me laugh a lot.
  • I decided to quit the game of The Eternal Search For Project Funding and change careers.  While I love being a botanist and writing sciency blather (technical term), what I have always really wanted to do is teach.  I’m doing a grad Dip Ed next year which will qualify me to teach middle school.  I can study externally (except for the teaching prac part) so all is looking good.
  • I’ve discovered the joy of blogging.   I’ve met some wonderful intereterz who feel like friends.  You  ROCK.
  • More super personal good stuff which I’m not sharing 🙂

2008, The bad:

  • My 92 year old Nana falling and breaking her arm.  She broke her arm at the top of the humerus.  It was definitely NOT humorous.  She fell whilst in hospital for a stomach virus We thought we were going to lose her, but she managed to recover.  We also thought she’d gone completely do-lally, but figured out that it was just the drugs she was on for her arm.  She’s now very frail, but she’s OK.  She even spent Christmas with Mum and Dad.
  • Dad having three bouts of major surgery to remove a bowel tumour wasn’t much of a highlight … but at the same time, we can be thankful that his doc was excellent and that the outcome looks good.
  • Losing my part time job wasn’t a highlight … but then again its made me realise that me choice of actively seeking a new career is timely.

2009, I hope:
(I’m not into New Year’s resolutions ‘caus those suckers can be hard to keep. Rather, I hope that 2009 brings a new chapter)

  • This time next year I’m proud of my shiny new Dip Ed and am bombarded with offers to teach in local schools.
  • My family are healthy and happy and loving life.
  • I hope that all my  internet friends find the peace and happiness they seek (Greta – may your move bring joy to your life),
  • and finally that some medico dude finds a cure for cancer, that we win lotto,  and that we are given the ability to shoot glitter out our bums (that one is for you Kelley).

Happy 2009 – let the good times roll.

6 thoughts on “Happy 2009

  1. Greta says:

    Hey, taking stock… a nice plan, I might pinch this blog idea! I was very honoured and humbled to get a special mention in your blog, it is, indeed, an exciting time for me… I think it’s wonderful that you’re following your heart and going into teaching. We need passionate teachers, such a vital role… and I feel you’ll be able to use a lot of your knowledge from your old work to enrich your teaching.

    I feel teaching will be good for you, keep us posted on how it all goes.

    Glad to hear the outcome for your dad is positive. Family health crises are gruelling affairs, glad to hear you are able to shelve it now. Also, lovely that your nanna got to spend Christmas with her family, I feel for people who have to spend Christmas in hospital. I hope she continues to improve, and that the love and support of her family carries her.

    Losing your job must have sucked but in some ways it may well be a blessing in disguise, if it propels you into a new and satisfying chapter, I also recently was told that the offer to work remotely had been withdrawn. It made me a bit sad, but also glad to have a blank page to write – it’s exciting!

    May your family continue to enjoy good health. May your mob continue to enjoy love, lots of laughing and good times.

    Glad you continue to blog, and I will continue to be a regular at your muttering space. I really look forward to reading what you write. I thoroughly enjoy your blogs. I also feel that we have become truly friends, that I can really share so much of myself with you and that you really listen and respond with your heart, which means a lot to me.

    All best for 2009, Amanda!

  2. corymbia says:

    Its funny but I was thinking the same things about you – I love reading your blog ’cause quite often I realise that its not just me that has these thoughts (btw – let me know when I can make any links to you and your blog live). …. that and I do feel like we have become friends.

    I know what you mean about having a blank page to begin with in this *new* year. Its like a neon sign pointing a new direction saying “come this way”. Its also a bit sad, but I like to think that my past job(s) have taught me many things, gave me great opportunities and shaped the person I am now.

    May 2009 bring good things to us all.

  3. Greta says:

    my blog, gretasnewadventure@blogspot.com is now open to the public.. 😉

    I think you’ll be a great teacher. I remember a blog I wrote about my bewilderment at my son’s questions. Your answers were accurate and succinct, yet also easy enough for a small child to grasp. There’s a knack to that, and I don’t know many people who have it! Keep us posted on your dip ed…

  4. Fifikins says:

    Good luck with the teaching! Will look forward to reading of your progress through your blog. Have a great last year of the noughties!

  5. You forgot world peace, other than that all good! Happy new year!

  6. corymbia says:

    Greta – thanks. I think I really do have a way with kids. I run a 0-5 playgroup once a week and most of the Mums who come think I am already a teacher.

    Fifikins- thanks. I’m really looking forward to teaching … but not studying. But I realise that I have a lot to learn about the profession. I am actually interested in what your thesis is on (God knows I’ve had to read enough earth-shatteringly boring honours theses in my time, but yours sounds like one I’d *want* to read). perhaps you could post the abstract when you’re finished.

    WFI – Of course World Peace should come in my list of hopes somewhere. … probably ranked among those other easy targets like a cure for cancer, and the ability to fart glitter.

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