I love my ipod

Why did I resist buying one for so long?  (well the cost of the thing obviously).

My gorgeous PINK ipod is heaven in a little tiny box.

I’ve managed to justify getting it for Christmas by the fact that a) it was  reduced in price which I’ve not observed in over a year of searching, and b) I am planning on downloading  lectures for the course  I’m doing next year.

BUT until I start studying, I’ve loaded my favourite music onto it  (so far I’ve added Kate Rusby, The Waifs, Missy Higgins, Green Day, Dixie Chicks, Kasey Chambers, Colin Hay, Felt) …just my favs from each so no tracks to skip 🙂

So now I’m flying through the housework to my favourite tunes.

I’m calm.

I’m refreshed.

I’m happy 🙂

I’m singing *my* music and not the freakin bloody stinking Wiggles shite that Mr H demands if I approach the stereo.

Ahhh the bliss 🙂


3 thoughts on “I love my ipod

  1. corymbia says:

    Note to self – Really am gonna have to stop using smiley faces and exclamation marks !!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 😉

  2. Greta says:

    Ipods sound fun and I love that you can really personalise the music on there – one of these days…

  3. corymbia says:

    yeah – they aren’t cheap.
    There are a lot of mp 3 players around that are a lot cheaper, but I wanted something that was easy for me to use and which was compatible with the attachments I wanted to use. I’m a technophobe so the easier it is to use the better – and I can understand the ipod.

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