…and good shopping karma is balanced

Back to the shops today (I know I know – but it was completely unexpected – I had to visit the florist to organise some sympathy flowers for some friends) and all the oldies were out in force once more ….

…but today was the day of the  really groovy oldies who think kids are cool.

Three different old girls came over to ask the kids if they’d seen santa, listened to their long-winded answers, then told me my kids were gorgeous.

Now *I* know they are gorgeous, but when nice old ladies come up and tell me they are gorgeous, it really makes me smile.

Its kinda like the Good Karma Fairy decided that my kids needed to know that not all people over 65 are scooter-driving maniacs who walk over to tell them they are naughty.

3 thoughts on “…and good shopping karma is balanced

  1. Greta says:

    GOOD. You and the kids deserved it after getting two nasty people in a row yesterday…

  2. leechbabe says:

    Yay for the balancing of good shopping Karma.

  3. corymbia says:

    Thanks Greta and leechbabe 🙂

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