Nasty people piss me off

I bought the food for the family Christmas lunch this morning, thinking I’d avoid the main crowds by shopping a few days early.

Well the crowds were OK as such … it was just that there seemed to be an inordinately large number of mean old people at the plaza this morning.

Like the old bloke on his motor scooter who firstly trashed a display in K-mart when he drove into it at about 7 km per hour, then turned around and PURPOSELY DROVE INTO MY 4 YEAR OLD SON (and the small boy was actually standing relatively still  while holding onto our trolley as he’d been asked to do).

…and the bastard *smiled* at me and told me to keep my kids out of his way.  … and he didn’t check to see that my kid was OK, he just sped off in his scooter.  Arsehat.

I’m mad I was too flabbergasted to ask him exactly where the kid was supposed to go given that he hasn’t yet perfected the art of disappearing into thin air.

Then there was the old biddy who walked out of her way in the car park to tell me that I must wish that I didn’t have my (perfectly well behaved) children because ALL children today are SO NAUGHTY.

Then she whined about having to catch a bus and looked at me expectantly.

I was so mad I couldn’t speak (what I *wanted* to do was  to slap her),  so she eventually gave up waiting for me to ask if she needed a lift and then turned to my 6 year old  daughter and told her she had to shut the car door (that was open to let some air into the stiflingly hot interior) because it was in *her* way (yes – the way she’d decided to take between rows of parked cars instead of the nice clearly marked pedestrian pathway she was originally on). Bitch.

So I’m not feeling too Christmassy now … at least not towards nasty old buggers.


5 thoughts on “Nasty people piss me off

  1. Greta says:

    What rude, nasty people! No, I wouldn’t give her a lift either! I hope your kids weren’t offended.

    I believe they’re classic examles of ‘the rude loop.’

    That’s my first blog on blogspot, scroll down and have a read, I’m sure you’ll laugh. I didn’t encounter any rude old people but I did encounter a mother who wasn’t very nice.

  2. corymbia says:

    I’ve since found out that the old bloke on his scooter is considered “a menace” at that shopping centre … and that he carries a cricket bat in his basket, so I guess I’m glad he didn’t clobber H with that as well. Freak.
    …and the old biddy was incredible … I neglected to mention the way she leaned on my car and watched me unload my groceries whilst giving words of advice like “tie the tops of the bags or it will all spill out” (ummm lady I’ve done the grocery shopping like a zillion times and I know how to stack green bags in my boot so they don’t spill … thanks all the same); and the classic “I’m glad I never learnt to drive” (well good for you ducky).
    …but I also came home and remembered the 50-something granddad who had his 4 month old granddaughter strapped to his belly with a sling just enjoying cruising around looking at stuff … and that made me smile and remember that there are plenty of oldies out there who actually *like* children.

  3. Greta says:

    Oh my goodness, can you imagine being reknowned for being a menace? It sounds like he’s a candidate for the dementure ward, to me…

    You did incredibly well not to lose your temper with that woman, too – she sounds horribly painful..

    You’re right, though – not all senior citizens are cranky or nasty. I find with my boy, that the people who take the time to be nice, smile and say hello to him are usually older people. Especially when he was a baby. I never had grandparents growing up (they all died before I was born), and I was raised by hippies, so I’ve always felt a bit uncomfortable around older people. Having my boy has really helped break that ice for me, because they’re loving and kind to him.

    I did have one grumpy old fart come up and tell me I was a negligent parent because I let my son roam free at the local flea markets, instead of sitting like a little adult at the tables. I guess he either had no kids, or forgot what they are like, or left it to wifey to do all the parenting.

    At least we can walk away from horrible people and forget about them – they have to live with themselves every day, poor things. LOL

  4. corymbia says:

    Ahh the Grumpy Old Farts are around here too.
    My Dad has been known to resemble one at times … according to him, my brother and I were complete angels as children … until Mum points out that he worked such long hours that he only really saw us on the weekends and so had no idea what mischief we got up to during the day.

  5. Grumpy old farts on scooters are a health hazard. And what it is with judgemental Nana-types? Thank goodness there are some lovely oldies out there, to make up for the mean, kid-hating ones.

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