Navigation Methodology

Our family likes to give names to the various “signposts” that mark our route to certain places.  I can’t seem to help myself from providing guided tours to my passengers as we travel anywhere – mostly to amuse myself.  The kids do seem to like thinking of new names for things and so we end up with quite romantic directions to the places we frequent.

For example, a trip to school involves driving along the Way of the Stars, past the Bend of Perception, around the Ovals of My Mind, across the Way of the Train, towards the Roundabout of Laughter, then on through the Intersection of Swearing and on to the Roundabout of DOOM, before turning at the Intersection of Discontent, then at the Turn of the Horse and finally the Pathway of Enlightenment.

A trip to kindy goes like this: once again beginning at The way of the Stars, but veering towards the Circle of Decision, the Roundabout of the Rich, along the Avenue of Old to the Circle of Indecision, The Turn of Inebriation, The Bridge of the Fishmonger and along the Sea of Tranquility until one reaches The Garden of Joy.


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