When Nativity sets meet……

As you may know, I am a Christian and each Christmas the kids love to get out my special nativity scene I brought back with me from my travels to Nigeria. It’s made from African timbers
and the carving is beautiful.

Each year, the kids love unwrapping each piece and arrange them, lovingly placing ‘Little Lord Jesus’ in the middle of the scene.

This Christmas however, my mother made the early Christmas present of a ‘Little People’ Nativity set to the children. H and K have been fascinated by this set and the fact that you can push the angel and get lights and music. H is particularly gentle and quietly sings along to the carol it plays as he acts out little stories.

Yesterday, he spent quite a long time playing with the set and singing softly to himself while I was in the kitchen.
When I went to tell him to come and eat his lunch I found this:


Apparently Baby Jesus and his folks were visited by many more people than just a few smart blokes with camels, a Sheila with wings and a couple of goat herders.

I’m impressed with the juxtaposition of characters from Shrek, Toy Story, Mr Men, Snow White and Narnia alongside the traditional nativity scene members. ….. it seems that Snow White had been sunbaking in her bikini when she heard the news and didn’t bother to clothe herself fully before rocking up, whilst Princess Fiona is fending off any latecomers. One of the angels seems pretty annoyed that some other bewinged chick got there first and took her possie at the top of the stable, and Woody and Jessie look like they are fighting for a closer vantage point. The funniest thing was when I found the rival “Little Lord Jesus” stashed back in the box ‘cause it would just be wrong to have *2* Jesuses (Jesi?)…..

4 thoughts on “When Nativity sets meet……

  1. I believe it is Jesii. The two ‘i’s prevent it from being a derivative of Jessie…

    Or some such.

    Woody looks like he is posing for the camera.

  2. corymbia says:

    Ahh I do believe you are correct – it must be Jesii!
    …and now that I think of it, Woody is a bit of a poser at the best of times so its really not surprising that he’s posed for my photo.


    (and I’m doing a happy dance because the fabulously fabulous Kelley is the first to comment on my blog 🙂

  3. leechbabe says:

    We have the Fisher Price nativity also, my girls love it.

    I just adore your wooden nativity figures, they are amazing. We have 5… or is it 6 nativity scenes now but they are not all out because my girls would destroy the fragile ones. I’ve inadvertently started collecting nativity scenes and each new one I see I fall in love with also.

    (found your blog by way of comment left over at Kelleys blog 🙂 )

  4. corymbia says:

    I must admit that I don’t decorate the house that much for Christmas, but I do seem to have a number of nativity sets / displays around the house. I think I must also inadvertently collect them too, ’cause we have 5 out at the moment.

    (and I found your blog the same way – Kelley’s blog rocks and I’m finding heaps of great blogs just by using her blog as a starting point;)

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