I love my ipod

Why did I resist buying one for so long?  (well the cost of the thing obviously).

My gorgeous PINK ipod is heaven in a little tiny box.

I’ve managed to justify getting it for Christmas by the fact that a) it was  reduced in price which I’ve not observed in over a year of searching, and b) I am planning on downloading  lectures for the course  I’m doing next year.

BUT until I start studying, I’ve loaded my favourite music onto it  (so far I’ve added Kate Rusby, The Waifs, Missy Higgins, Green Day, Dixie Chicks, Kasey Chambers, Colin Hay, Felt) …just my favs from each so no tracks to skip 🙂

So now I’m flying through the housework to my favourite tunes.

I’m calm.

I’m refreshed.

I’m happy 🙂

I’m singing *my* music and not the freakin bloody stinking Wiggles shite that Mr H demands if I approach the stereo.

Ahhh the bliss 🙂


Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is a special day in our family.  (Well OK, I know its a special day for lots of families, but its extra special in this family).

For me it has twice marked the day of indescribable joy for my hubby and I.  You see, on Christmas Eve in both 2001 AND 2003 we got positive pregnancy tests.

In 2001, we had been trying to conceive a child for over a year.   To cut a long story short, I ended up seeing a chiropractor who saw the connection between a curvature of my lower spine on an x-ray and my inability to retain a fertilised egg inside my body for more than about1 day.  Bing Bang Boom … and crack …and another Bang…. and I was pregnant within 4 weeks  with a girl who’s now 6.  …and the day I got the Very Clear And Not At All Faint pregnancy test was Christmas Eve.

Fast forward to August 2003.  Miss K is one and we think “if we want another child, we’d best get cracking in case it takes another year to get pregnant” … only to have a condom break and we discovered we were up the duff again.  What joy.  No anxious 2 week wait. Just joy.


At 10 weeks into the pregnancy, the bleeding began.  The little mite had gone and died on us at 7 weeks and my body was only just letting go.  The D&C was scheduled and we were a sad little family … but thankfully having a little person to come home to softened the blow.

That happened in November 2003.  It was a sad time for us.  ..and Christmas was coming up fast.  and I wanted to make sure Christmas was special for my gorgeous little girl.  So I sucked it up …  and it took a huge effort but I was determined that Christmas would not be a sad day.

… but with Christmas, cometh the Christmas party.  And with the Christmas Party cometh the alcohol.  …and since the predicted post-D&C-Aunt-Flo had not cometh,  I took another wee test to see if I could safely quaff a few vinos.. ’cause … you know I was gonna need the alcohol content this Christmas.


Joy.  Complete Joy for it was again Christmas Eve and I was holding the evidence that there was a little life inside moi.

Then terror … for the entire 34* weeks until my boy was born.  (He’s now 4 and adorable).

So now you see why  Christmas Eve is one of my favourite days of the year.

…and now its your turn   –  what’s your favourite thing about Christmas Eve?

*The pg was a full 40 weeks 2 days term – its just that I found out I was preggers when I was already 6 weeks along.

…and good shopping karma is balanced

Back to the shops today (I know I know – but it was completely unexpected – I had to visit the florist to organise some sympathy flowers for some friends) and all the oldies were out in force once more ….

…but today was the day of the  really groovy oldies who think kids are cool.

Three different old girls came over to ask the kids if they’d seen santa, listened to their long-winded answers, then told me my kids were gorgeous.

Now *I* know they are gorgeous, but when nice old ladies come up and tell me they are gorgeous, it really makes me smile.

Its kinda like the Good Karma Fairy decided that my kids needed to know that not all people over 65 are scooter-driving maniacs who walk over to tell them they are naughty.

Nasty people piss me off

I bought the food for the family Christmas lunch this morning, thinking I’d avoid the main crowds by shopping a few days early.

Well the crowds were OK as such … it was just that there seemed to be an inordinately large number of mean old people at the plaza this morning.

Like the old bloke on his motor scooter who firstly trashed a display in K-mart when he drove into it at about 7 km per hour, then turned around and PURPOSELY DROVE INTO MY 4 YEAR OLD SON (and the small boy was actually standing relatively still  while holding onto our trolley as he’d been asked to do).

…and the bastard *smiled* at me and told me to keep my kids out of his way.  … and he didn’t check to see that my kid was OK, he just sped off in his scooter.  Arsehat.

I’m mad I was too flabbergasted to ask him exactly where the kid was supposed to go given that he hasn’t yet perfected the art of disappearing into thin air.

Then there was the old biddy who walked out of her way in the car park to tell me that I must wish that I didn’t have my (perfectly well behaved) children because ALL children today are SO NAUGHTY.

Then she whined about having to catch a bus and looked at me expectantly.

I was so mad I couldn’t speak (what I *wanted* to do was  to slap her),  so she eventually gave up waiting for me to ask if she needed a lift and then turned to my 6 year old  daughter and told her she had to shut the car door (that was open to let some air into the stiflingly hot interior) because it was in *her* way (yes – the way she’d decided to take between rows of parked cars instead of the nice clearly marked pedestrian pathway she was originally on). Bitch.

So I’m not feeling too Christmassy now … at least not towards nasty old buggers.

Christmas Crazy: Dear Heather and John

Dear Heather and John,

What a thrill to receive your virtual Christmas card today – to save on waste you say. How thoughtful. I must remember to send you a virtual card for your birthday next year.

…and Gosh, what an amazing year you’ve had and how lovely of you to send us such a detailed description – 30 pages with photos! You can imagine our excitement.   Hubby loved the photos of your new Rolls Royce so much that he  commented what an amazing bunch of complete knobheads over-achievers you all are to have such a pretentious lovely car.

Personally I couldn’t go past the the pictures of  Mr Waggy.  I just love dressing up animals for Christmas … and no, I don’t find it at all cruel to dress animals for Christmas.  I’m sure Mr Waggy looks delighted to be in his little snow suit!

We particularly enjoyed hearing about John’s appointment to the Supreme Court, and Heather’s reception at Buckingham Palace – Simply Smashing!

Oh and your talented off-spring – congratulations to Jemima for her outstanding win in the dressage section at the World Equestrian Games. Thanks so much for the 10 photos you sent us of Jemima on her horse ‘Hunter’ – I can see why he gets the big bucks for all his stud work and why Jemima is still unable to form a meaningful relationship with another human at 38.  I do like Hunter’s Christmas portrait….


…and since you ask:

….yes – hubby is still doing the same job he was when you last visited us two years ago and hasn’t had a promotion,

… yes – I am still working part-time,

…yes –  we still have two children,

…and no –  we’re still not sure what kind of animal it was the washed up on our local beach and stunk our our suburb during the week of your last visit here. The authorities think it might be some sort of giant sea cucumber. … they are even considering naming it after you since you were the one to insist that I report the smell to the authorities which in turn lead to the carcass being found.

Anyhoo – I must dash to the local bottle-o as the cask of Chardonnay is almost empty and we are expecting the inlaws for dinner … and well… you know how they do like a tipple.

Thanks again for your wonderful letter. Can hardly wait to hear what adventures you get up to in the New Year, but hubby has pointed out that you’ll be sure to tell us all about it.

Love and air kisses from all of us.


This post brought to you by


The Fabulously Fabulous Kelley and her good friend Burgh Baby.

(and big nods to Pat McDermott who’s idea I shamelessly stole after really receiving a virtual Christmas card from a friend which included virtual reams of wanky detail … but  I’ve modified those details ever so slightly to protect the innocent.  …and damn my goody-two-shoes ethics which prevented me from posting some of the pictures attached to the original e-mail).

Its snowing….

… on my blog.

Cool and refreshing eh?

I wish it would snow here today but at the forecast 31 degrees (that’s in Celsius!) its not bloody likely.

Its 8am and its already stinking hot and humid … and those damn cicadas chirping make it sound 10 degrees hotter than the 28.4 °C that it currently is ( I  have a little digital max/min weather thermometer on my wall – shaddup!).

So while I can’t make it snow here in the middle of summer, I can at least make it snow on my blog thanks to Ms WordPress.