Pictures of our garden

Our garden is in bloom.

Our garden is based around our favourite native plants (with the odd exotic mixed in). The garden looks best during mid winter and midsummer when different plants flower. … not that we really get much difference in seasons here, and many of the plants flower year-round, but the garden really puts on a show twice a year.

In summer, the striking beauty of the pink, red and orange Corymbia crosses can stop traffic.

But right now, the garden is giving me a great amount of pleasure – especially the front yard:

front yard lrg

The garden is quite showy with the yellows and pinks of the Xanthostemons,

xanthostemon med

goldenpenda med


Grevillea sml

and Leptospermums in flower.

Leptospermum Merinda med

I’m also rather fond of our Xanthorrhoea species which is structurally stunning:

Xanthorrhoea sp

Oh and the chooks – let’s not forget them…..

chook house med

No veges in at the moment, so no fresh veges (although we are getting plenty of citrus, passion fruit and the odd pawpaw as well as a few herbs to add a bit of interest) … but maybe we’ll consider planting something soon as we can bucket water onto the vege patch as needed now that water restrictions have eased slightly.


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