So who is this corymbia-chick?

…I hear you ask (well you didn’t, but I wrote this in my other blog and its sort of descriptive of me … well the top layers of me anyway).

I like Australian native plants for starters.
I have a PhD in botany which involved growing native rainforest trees in plantations and measuring them periodically with a machine that goes “ping”. Short story – there are some great opportunities to grow native rainforest timbers in Australia, but we need to use different management practices than we do for growing conifers.
But even aside from that, I just love Australian native plants. I’m not a stickler for only planting local natives in our garden though – I think species distributions are not set in stone, and indeed will shift with changing regional climate. Who’s to say where the range of a particular species will be in 100 years? For example, I love the flora of Western Australia (especially Corymbia species as you may have guessed) and have planted them in my garden here in Queensland ….. they are doing magnificently on their grafted rootstock.

I work part time.  Presently I’m coordinating a bunch of academics as they put together collaborative projects on things related to environmental issues.

I’m a Mum to two wonderful children. I love being a Mum. It’s the most demanding job I’ve ever had (and for those of you rolling their eyes, I’ve had paid jobs that were quite demanding …. but nothing compared to being the person responsible for the health and well-being for two other people 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!). It can be incredibly boring at times, then incredibly scary, or fun, or frustrating, or tiring, or fantastic the next: it can also be incredibly rewarding. I breastfed both my kids: I’m quite passionate about encouraging and supporting other mothers to breastfeed their children.

I love children’s literature. *I* have a large collection of children’s books (I just tell people that the books are for the kids). I also have a good collection of novels, poetry and reference books. An eclectic mix of genre’s contemporary Australian to crime and action / adventure books … but *no* romance … I Just Can’t Stand Fluffy Romance Books. I’m also a craft-tragic. I bead, I paint, I crochet, I cross-stitch. I like making things.

Oh, and while I apparently have a high IQ (whatever that really says about me) I get confused on spelling a lot … and to make matters worse, my fingers are dyslexic and can’t get letters in the right order most of the time.  …and my spell-checker in outlook seems to be stuck on French so there’s not a lot of hope for any reader if they can’t do the odd anagram and work out the mixed-up words!

I also am one of the few technology-hating nerds you could find on the internet.. well  nerds under the age of about 60 that is.  I hate computers. I hate gizmos. I use technology out of necessity and if it’s not working like it says on the box, I’m lost as I refuse to read the destructions unless it’s absolutely necessary. Luckily I married an engineer who can fix anything with moving parts (and many others with no moving parts) so that gets me out of a lot of trouble.